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Waste Management Construction

What’s your construction site waste management plan?

In a city that is constantly under development, Sydney’s construction sites must practice waste management lawfully in order to ensure that Sydney is kept clean and safe. Waste isn’t just rubbish and unwanted site materials. Waste also includes excavated material such as dirt, sandstone and soil; construction, building and demolition waste such as asphalt, bricks, concrete, plasterboard, timber and vegetation; asbestos and contaminated soil.

The Bingo Bins is one of Sydney’s best waste management solution services for construction sites, providing two distinct services as part of its business: the first, a commercial waste service that includes paper & cardboard and general waste (which includes things like food scraps). The second is skip bin services, which covers mostly builder’s waste materials – this can include most waste materials though except for asbestos, fibro, food and liquid wastes. These waste management solutions are provided for customers in the CBD, west Sydney (up to just past Penrith), north Sydney (Avalon) and south Sydney (to Campbelltown).

In order to fulfil our services, Bingo Bins uses two types of collection systems to suit particular situations:

  • Front Lift System Trucks: For bigger metal commercial waste bins – these get used for either Paper & Cardboard or General Waste. These are best for bigger bins and the trucks require easy access to the site and plenty of room for the forks of the truck to pick up the bin and lift it to the top of the truck to be emptied.
  • Rear Lift Trucks: These are used for the medium to small plastic bins for waste such Paper & Cardboard, General Waste or Co-Mingled Recycling (which includes paper, cardboard, plastics, aluminium cans, glass bottles). The rear lift is used for tight fit places such as small street alleyways and back laneways as bins are wheeled to the back of the truck.

Once the waste is collected from the commercial site, it is taken to one of Bingo Bins’ recycling centres and stockpiled to be recycled. At Bingo, we have a dedication to environmental sustainability and aim to recycle more than half of all the waste received from our clients – the remainder that is not able to be recycled ends up being tipped lawfully.

Skip bin

Bingo Skip Bin’s Favourite Posts from 2013

Eternal spring cleaners of Sydney will understand that there is so much more to the act of throwing out waste than meets the eye. We at Bingo Bins get it more than anyone else – we can’t get enough of it! Here are some of our favourite posts from 2013 about skips, sustainability and more.

Skip bin

Sustainability at work. It’s aesthetically pleasing in the strangest way possible. Image via Shutterstock.

Image via Shutterstock.

Bingo Bins’ Favourite 5 Recycling Projects and Blogs

Creative sustainability is the best kind of sustainability. We’ve scoured the internet for our favourite inspiring projects to give you ideas on what you can do with yesterday’s junk.

7 Tips for a Better Spring Clean: From Mould to Skip Bin Hire

Spring may have long passed but the idea of a spring clean is always fresh in our minds. Read on as we tackle the best way to de-clutter and get your home sparkling clean again.

Moving House? Hire a Skip Bin to Rid Yourself of Excess Baggage

You’ve signed a new lease or have finally succumbed to adulthood by applying for a mortgage. Whether rented or purchased, moving into your new home can be an arduous process if you have a lot of excess baggage to cart around with you. We’ve given you a guide on culling stuff you may have been holding on to for a little too long.

From the Waste Bin to the Shelf: The Lifecycle of a Recycled Product

Ever wondered what happens to the newspapers, plastic bottles and cans after you’ve put them out for recycling?  Well, wonder no more – we reveal all that occurs behind the doors of the recycling plant.

Bingo Bin’s Top 5 Recycling Websites for Kids

Educate kids about recycling today for a greener tomorrow with these fun, interactive websites that inform the young’ns about the mark they make on this earth.

Bingo Bins: How You Can Recycle E-Waste

E-waste, electronic waste, whatever you want to call it, needs to be recycled in a different manner than regular waste. Bet you didn’t know that, huh? Well, even if you did, it’s a good idea to read up on how the practice goes in Sydney.

Skip Bin

Skip Bins Play Their Role in Sydney’s Art Scene

At the Campbelltown Arts Centre, the humble skip bin isn’t just a bin, it’s a work of art.

Skip Bin

Sydney artists looks beyond the grime of the street skip bin.

Skip Bin

Sydney artists looks beyond the grime of the street skip bin.

Image by Jonathan Ng, via the Macarthur Advertiser.

Seeing skip bins around Sydney is not uncommon, but seeing them used as a work of art as opposed to a practical object for disposing of waste is a whole nother matter entirely. Campbelltown Arts Centre are doing just that, though, with stellar results.

Local artist and COFA graduate, Louisa Dawson’s work looks at “everyday object and transforms them into something new.” Her exhibition at Campbelltown Arts Centre, dubbed Manufactured Landscapes, features awe-inspiring large-scale installations placed around the centre, which include the humble skip bin.

In this series, skips – which have been filled with dirt – have grass planted and common public furniture placed on top. In the instance pictured, a public bench has been installed, but with no way for visitors to sit on it.

According to the Macarthur Advertiser, Dawson was quoted as saying that she uses objects in her art as social commentary on historical and demographic changes, leisure and the use of public space.

Skip Bin

Sydney artists looks beyond the grime of the street skip bin.

Image via COFA Grads Are Here There Everywhere.

This is not the first time that the humble skip bin has been a part of Louisa’s work. A decade ago she completed Temporary Displacement, a convincing looking skip bin turned mini swimming pool installation. Strangely enough, we wouldn’t mind taking a dip in that tip.

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The Best Recycling Blogs to Inspire You to DIY

In the mood to decorate? Recycling blogs are here to help you salvage materials you may have otherwise thrown out and upcycle them into something new!


Image via The Design Confidential.

What it is: The Design Confidential

Who will love it: Those who are into minimal, Scandinavian-inspired design and have a bit of experience restoring and building things.

Our favourite project: This roundup of reclaimed wood objects! Not necessarily a DIY, but a good place to start in terms of inspiration. We especially like the branch votives and shelf!


Image via Little Green Notebook.

What it is: Little Green Notebook

Who will love it: The Little Green Notebook doesn’t confine itself to one “type” of DIY, instead giving tutorials on the likes of how to spray paint hardware on furniture or how to make a flannel story board for the little ones.

Our favourite project: Painted desk accessories. This project is simple – perfect for first-time DIY-ers – and stands out on  a desk or tabletop when it’s completed.


Image via Vintage Revivals.

What it is: Vintage Revivals

Who will love it: Vintage Revivals isn’t just a DIY blog, it’s an insight into Mandi’s life with DIY projects and home improvement inspiration along the way.

Our favourite project: How to make a rug with a paperclip. This is a no-brainer, it’s a rug made using a paperclip! Okay, so it’s actually a few rugs, but the paperclip is still your main tool to join them together.


Image via Old Town Home.

What it is: Old Town Home

Who will love it: Those looking to restore antiques that need a little bit of sprucing up and other methods of keeping the “old town” feel of an older home.

Our favourite project: Wireless outdoor speakers, because why not? Anything that makes your outdoor entertainment areas even better is fine by us.


Image via Manhattan Nest.

What it is: Manhattan Nest

Who will love it: Those who love watching the process of watching an old home in New York be restored and renovated. It touches more on bigger restorative projects rather than making prints and decorations, so if you’re looking for crafternoon inspiration, Manhattan Nest may not be for you.

Our favourite project: Replacing broken window panes with salvaged glass. This is an interesting DIY on how to keep old windows looking old with “weathered” salvaged glass after a pane has been broken.

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Skip bin

Skip Bins Washed Away!

Though most love Sydney’s wonderfully temperate weather all year-round, there are still times of bad weather, which messes with the normal swing of things by knocking over trees, tearing off roofs and even washing heavy skip bins away. Don’t believe us? Check out what happened with a rogue skip bin on the Gold Coast last summer.

Skip bin

Image sourced from Shutterstock

In late February, south-east Queensland experienced some ferocious storms that caused widespread damage to its homes, its businesses and its beaches. Many beaches were reduced to nothing after serious sand erosion left them with three to four metre drops. It suddenly became very difficult for normal life to continue with lifeguards unable to assess the ocean to suggest whether the people who had managed to get onto the beach could actually swim safely.

Even simple necessities like council skip bins being emptied were put on hold with no way for people to get them and clean up the damage that had been made by the rogue weather.

One skip bin in particular was extremely tricky to get hold of, thanks to some very powerful waves at Currumbin that swept the skip bin out to sea. Imagine that! It’s hardly a boat you’d want to go sailing in. Luckily, the skip ended up patiently waiting to be collected a few days later on a beach.

Strangely enough, this is hardly the weirdest story about skip bins out there. For another bizarre waste bin-related tales, check out Unbelievably Stupid Skip Bin Transport.

Skip bin

Inspirational Sydney: Finding Gems in Skip Bins

To the person hiring and using a skip bin, they’re sure that they’re filling up the bin with waste. However, the worn saying still rings true that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, and we feel that it rings especially true in Sydney. Here are two inspirational stories that have come from regular people passing by skips, peeking in and deciding to take the plunge to find something great.

Skip bin

Image sourced from Shutterstock

After a brush with cancer, Cali Andersen realised it was now or never that she could live her dreams, and so she opened up her own bookbinding store. She stocks an impressive array of old papers, tools and books that have been sourced from around the world from sales and auctions, but Andersen’s most prized possessions does not come from conventional methods. One day, a friend of Andersen’s was walking by a council flat that was being cleaned out and noticed that the workers were throwing away a book full of sketches. She and the worker got chatting and the worker mentioned that if they’d known somebody would want the book they wouldn’t have thrown another one out the day before, which of course spurred a mad rush to the skip bin. The book was still there, and Andersen’s friend fished it out. These was no ordinary book of sketches though – it was a collection of etchings from an art gallery in Dresden from the late 18th century.

John Vidulin of Brisbane was told by his doctor not to bother buying another pair of shoes after being diagnosed with Buerger’s disease, which would see one or both of his legs being amputated in the near future. Vidulin scoffed at this and started doing his own research into the disease, soon finding a case study that suggested sufferers of Buerger’s who exercised regularly could experience some improvement. As he mulled this over he happened to walk past a skip bin where, sitting on top of the rubbish, there was a rusty mountain bike. Vidulin used to not be able to walk very far without experiencing immense pain but now he cycles a 100km a week, thanks to that moment when he saw that bike and took it from the skip.

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Skip bin

Unbelievably Stupid Skip Bin Transport | Bingo Group Blog

It’s hard to know whether some people are naturally stupid or if they just don’t think things through. You’d think that the purpose of a skip bin would be pretty clear – the clue’s in the name surely? – but one motorist stopped outside of Sydney clearly needs a little help with understanding what a skip bin’s for.

Skip bin

Image sourced from Shutterstock

It was early afternoon when highway patrol officers made the decision to stop a truck that they saw cruising down the Great Western Highway near Kelso. The 69-year-old driver seemed quite oblivious to the danger that his set-up presented to both himself and passing motorists. And what was this set-up? The driver had a skip bin on his truck, not exactly an unusual thing, however, what was inside it was the reason for him being pulled over. The skip bin contained a good deal of scrap metal that stuck out beyond the skip, which in itself is quite dangerous, but more astonishingly was the fact that he thought it was reasonable to have a Toyota Celica chucked in on top of the scrap metal.

If having a car stuck in the top of a skip bin wasn’t dangerous enough, the driver had also failed to secure it properly. We’ve all seen how tightly smaller loads have to be secured into trailers and trucks but the driver seems to have thought that a single, loose frayed strap would do the job. What would’ve happened if the driver had stopped suddenly or even lost control of the truck? It doesn’t bear thinking about.

To make sure you don’t endanger people’s lives like that driver get on top of skip bin safety by reading The Dangers of Overloading Your Skip Bin.