Bingo’s Commercial Waste Services and Your Business: How does it work?

Sydney’s Efficient Commercial Waste Management Systems

Bingo Commercial Waste Solutions

Dedicated to serving Sydney, Bingo Bins is the perfect waste management service for your business.


Sydney businesses, both large and small, require waste services that are cost-efficient while providing a fast, safe and environmentally sustainable service. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution for all Sydney businesses – your waste management solutions are dependent on the size, the type of waste and the location of the waste.


The Bingo Bin Group provides a commercial waste service, which includes the removal of Paper & Cardboard and General Waste (which includes food scraps et cetera). Bingo provides these services for all kinds of businesses in the Sydney region, which includes builders, commercial businesses, retail shops, shopping centres, restaurants, nightclubs and pubs, factories and offices.


Bingo Bins uses two types of collection systems to suit particular situations:

–       Front Lift System Trucks: For bigger metal commercial waste bins – these get used for either Paper & Cardboard or General Waste. These are best for bigger bins and the trucks require easy access to the site and plenty of room for the forks of the truck to pick up the bin and lift it to the top of the truck to be emptied.

–       Rear Lift Trucks: These are used for the medium to small plastic bins for waste such Paper & Cardboard, General Waste or Co-Mingled Recycling (which includes paper, cardboard, plastics, aluminium cans, glass bottles). The rear lift is used for tight fit places such as small street alleyways and back laneways as bins are wheeled to the back of the truck.


Once the waste is collected from the commercial site, it is taken to one of Bingo Bins’ recycling centres and stockpiled to be recycled – with a dedication to environmental sustainability, we aim to recycle more than half of all the waste received from our clients. What cannot be recycled ends up being tipped.


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