Your Waste Management Questions Answered

Sydney’s Waste Management Solutions Explained

The Bingo Group are dedicated to safe and efficient waste management solutions for Sydney.

The Bingo Group are dedicated to safe and efficient waste management solutions for Sydney.


What kind of service does Bingo offer?

Bingo Bins is Sydney’s favourite waste management solution service, providing two distinct services as part of its business: the first is our skip bin service, which covers mostly builder’s waste materials – this includes most waste materials except for asbestos, fibro, food and liquid wastes. The second, a commercial waste service that includes paper & cardboard and general waste (which includes things like food scraps).


Who are Bingo’s clients?

It’s important to note that Bingo Bins don’t just provide waste management solutions for building sites – their clients can be anyone, including: builders, commercial business, retail, shopping centres, restaurants, pubs and nightclubs, factories and offices.


What areas of Sydney does Bingo service?

These waste management solutions are provided for customers in the CBD, west Sydney (up to just past Penrith), north Sydney (Avalon) and south Sydney (to Campbelltown).


What type of collection systems does Bingo use? Can these be adapted to suit particular sites?

The latest technology is utilised for Bingo’s collection systems, with custom-made hardware for unique situations. Front lift system trucks are used for the larger commercial metal waste bins that are used for things such as paper & cardboard or general waste. Rear lift trucks are used for medium to small plastic bins for waste such as general waste, paper & cardboard or co-mingled recycling which includes paper, cardboard, plastics, aluminium cans and glass bottles.

The benefit of the rear lift truck is that they can come in small sizes for tight-fit places line small street alleyways or back laneways – in these cases the bins are wheeled to the back of the truck and lifted only slightly to tip the waste in the back. The front lift trucks are best for bigger bins – such as those used on commercial or building sites – and, as a result, need good access and plenty of room to operate.


How is the waste collection scheduled with Bingo?

Bingo uses as state-of-the-art, self-produced program that was custom-built for the company. According to Bingo’s account manager, “it’s kind of like an allocation program on steroids.” This program is constantly evolving, with hundreds of changes and updates being made each week to ensure that the service is fast and accurate.


What happens after the waste bins are collected?

Once the skips have been collected, the waste is sorted at one of Bingo’s recycling centres and stockpiled to be recycled – whatever cannot be recycled gets tipped.


What measures does Bingo take to ensure safety with their waste management practices?

The Bingo Group spares no expense with safety, with the team regularly updating their first aid, fire safety, bomb threat and courses to ensure a high level of safety at all times. Our team also regularly has risk assessment meetings and dangerous goods training, which also covers material handling such as asbestos. Our dedication to safety is so rigorous and thorough that we have been listed as finalists in the NSW WorkCover Safe Work Awards.


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