What You Need to Know Before Renovating Your Commercial Premise

Upgrading your business is just like upgrading your home, just with more red tape to cut through.

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Even small renovations may require permission from the council.

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Do you need a DA for that?

Once you’ve come up with a plan for your renovations, you will need to contact your local council to see whether you need to lodge a Development Application (DA). A DA is a formal request for permission to carry out proposed development on a site. According to the CoS website, when assessing a DA, the City of Sydney take the following matters into account:

  • Relevant planning controls and conditions
  • The likely impacts of the development
  • The suitability of the site
  • Any submissions
  • The public interest.

Even small renovations such as painting the outside of the premises may require a council permit – look it up before even touching a can of paint!

Time is money

Sure, you’ve made enough profit to deck the space out and make it better than ever – but have you accounted for the loss that will be incurred while your space is out of action? On top of the costs of the materials and labour you will need to consider the loss incurred while your business is not trading and the wages you may have to pay staff that are not able to work during the renovations. Make sure you’re prepared financially for the time taken for the renovations – one mistake could set you back a week or a month.

Choosing the right tradie

If you’re planning a massive fit out, hiring the right tradie for the job is essential – do your research early by looking online and asking the people around you – who have your friends and neighbours gone with when they’ve needed work done in the past. When you’ve come up with a shortlist, go through an interviewing process to find the right one. When they start the project, treat them well – simple gestures of thanks such as coffee and snacks in the morning will go a long way in ensuring that the job is completed as quickly and efficiently as possible.


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