10 Tips for Small Business Renovations

Renovating for Business

Is your business in need of an upgrade? There’s only so many times you can rearrange the tables and chairs – when you bite the bullet and decide to renovate, use our tips for renovation success.

Skip Bins

Renovating a small business: it’s a lot of mess and effort but with a much greater reward at the end.

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  1. Before you even think about what paints to buy and which wall you’re going to knock down, it’s worth looking to see whether you will need to lodge a Development Application (DA) with your local council. Even a task as small as painting the outside of your building may require a council permit.
  2. Set a budget for the renovation – remember that you will need to factor in labour costs, materials, time frames and wages (depending on how long the renovation will take).
  3. When it comes to hiring tradies to do the larger jobs, shop around – ask your friends and neighbours who they’d recommend and go from there.
  4. When you’ve found a tradie you trust, treat them well – even simple things like coffees in the morning and thank-you gifts at the end of the job will go a long way to ensure that the job is done efficiently and properly.
  5. If it’s been a while between renovations, chances are when you finally decide to upgrade your store or office it will require a complete overhaul. Say goodbye to your old desks, storage units and display cabinets from the late 90s… you may require a skip bin or two to get rid of all of your old furnishings if you are not selling them.
  6. Painting the walls? Be wary – even a large warehouse space can feel small and cramped when painted in a dark hue. However, dark hues can also work to your advantage, giving focus to the products more than the space. However, if you’re trying to take advantage of light and space, stick to light pastels.
  7. After painting, you need to take into consideration what you will put on your walls to help make your space feel more welcoming and appealing to your customers. Mirrors and other reflective surfaces are ideal if you want to create the illusion of more room in a crowded space.
  8. When it comes to furnishing, look for multifunctional pieces that will ideally give you more room. Pieces that are easy to move around are good, too, for when you need a mini-makeover.
  9. For a more unique, distinctive look, hunt for pieces of furniture at auction houses or online. This can be a bit hit-and-miss, though, so be prepared to invest a lot of time trawling.
  10. Use lighting to your advantage, especially if you’ve decided to go with a darker hue for the walls. Use lights as a visual merchandising tactic to direct your customers’ focus to key products. If you’re concerned about lights burning up your electricity bill, go with LED lights.

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