10 Ways to Reduce Waste Around the Home

Each year Australians throw away around 21 million tonnes of waste. This includes waste from the bathroom, laundry, kitchen and backyards.

Waste Bin

What waste solutions are you using at home?

Image via Shutterstock.

With a population of 22 million, that’s roughly one tonne produced by each person in Australia.

Think about that for a second.

Sure, improvements have been made in our home disposal habits over the years, but there is still much more to be done.

Here are ten DIY ways to reduce waste in your home:

1. Try to buy in bulk. It’s better value and less packaging is beneficial for the


2. Look for products made from recyclable materials.

3.  Use reusable shopping bags and avoid plastic bags!

4. Rather than buy bottled water, get reusable water bottles. You will avoid

plastic waste and save serious dosh!

5. Get bank statements and bills sent online instead of in the mail. It’s way

more convenient and less mess.

6. Start a compost in your kitchen. Most food scraps can be reused to create

fertile and fantastic soil!

7. Buy an electric razor instead of throwing away all those disposable blades.

8. Water the garden with collected rainwater.

9. Get ink cartridges refilled instead of replaced.

10. Use loose leaf teas instead of tea bags.

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