The Best Recycling Blogs to Inspire You to DIY

In the mood to decorate? Recycling blogs are here to help you salvage materials you may have otherwise thrown out and upcycle them into something new!


Image via The Design Confidential.

What it is: The Design Confidential

Who will love it: Those who are into minimal, Scandinavian-inspired design and have a bit of experience restoring and building things.

Our favourite project: This roundup of reclaimed wood objects! Not necessarily a DIY, but a good place to start in terms of inspiration. We especially like the branch votives and shelf!


Image via Little Green Notebook.

What it is: Little Green Notebook

Who will love it: The Little Green Notebook doesn’t confine itself to one “type” of DIY, instead giving tutorials on the likes of how to spray paint hardware on furniture or how to make a flannel story board for the little ones.

Our favourite project: Painted desk accessories. This project is simple – perfect for first-time DIY-ers – and stands out on  a desk or tabletop when it’s completed.


Image via Vintage Revivals.

What it is: Vintage Revivals

Who will love it: Vintage Revivals isn’t just a DIY blog, it’s an insight into Mandi’s life with DIY projects and home improvement inspiration along the way.

Our favourite project: How to make a rug with a paperclip. This is a no-brainer, it’s a rug made using a paperclip! Okay, so it’s actually a few rugs, but the paperclip is still your main tool to join them together.


Image via Old Town Home.

What it is: Old Town Home

Who will love it: Those looking to restore antiques that need a little bit of sprucing up and other methods of keeping the “old town” feel of an older home.

Our favourite project: Wireless outdoor speakers, because why not? Anything that makes your outdoor entertainment areas even better is fine by us.


Image via Manhattan Nest.

What it is: Manhattan Nest

Who will love it: Those who love watching the process of watching an old home in New York be restored and renovated. It touches more on bigger restorative projects rather than making prints and decorations, so if you’re looking for crafternoon inspiration, Manhattan Nest may not be for you.

Our favourite project: Replacing broken window panes with salvaged glass. This is an interesting DIY on how to keep old windows looking old with “weathered” salvaged glass after a pane has been broken.

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