Home Recycling: 5 Easy Ways to Become an Expert Recycler

It’s a new year and a new day. We set it to you that 2014 should be the year that we all start recycling bigger and better than we ever have before. Where better to start than with your home recycling performance? Here are some of our easiest ways to go green with recycling at home.


The Internet is a great resource for those wanting to learn more about recycling.

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1. Check your council website

This obvious little tip and trick is so often overlooked, yet it is the sure-fire way to get your recycling game down. No longer will you and the neighbours bicker over that recycled pizza box, no longer will you ponder whether or not your shattered mug is recyclable or not – here is your shining light, the beacon to all your answers.

2. Try to limit your waste output

Recycling starts when we try to consider the possibilities for those waste items. Reusing is at the core of recycling. Before you contemplate throwing something in the recycling bin, consider how and if you can rouse the item for another round of usefulness. Wash jars and bottles to store freshly made preserves, juices or water. Keep egg cartons and toilet rolls for the kids’ craft box.

Check out the ‘1001 Things To Do With Empty Toilet Paper Rolls’ project on Pinterest to see how much you can truly do with the humble cardboard cylinder.

3. Become an upcycling legend

Pinterest once again is your friend when it comes to mastering the fine art of upcycling. Check out POPSUGAR’s ‘200 Upcycling Ideas that’ll Blow Your Mind’ to see some pretty jaw-dropping upcycling projects – Wine Bottle Chandelier! This post is to recycling what Forrest Gump is to running marathons, conquering adversity and punching well above your weight in the dating game.

4. Ditch the plastic bag

Go canvas. However, if you are going to go plastic check in with your local supermarket to see if they do a used shopping bag drop off (some do, some don’t). Any plastic bags you have laying around can be stored till you need them next and you can make good use of them in the meantime by using them to store herbs or berries that you are freezing, or wrapping food that is in the fridge.

5. Get Social

Twitter and Facebook are great places to get involved in the growing community of recyclers. Here you can get inspired with great creative ideas or community initiatives, or follow your local council’s social accounts to get a grasp on what’s going on in your little plot of Sydney.



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