Skip Bin Hire – What Kind of Bin Do I Need and What Am I Paying For?

Every now and then most people or businesses will have to call upon their local skip bin company to help them clear away a few bits and bobs. Be it the annual shed clear out, a revamp of the backyard or a retail space overhaul, there’s always some stuff that needs to be hauled away before your job is completed. But what kind of job necessitates what kind of bin? Find out what you need below.

Skip Bin

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Caption: From construction sites to the household clean, there’s a skip bin for that.

What can I put in my skip bin?

We offer a wide range of sizes when it comes to our skip bin and waste bins, so the kind of bin you need depends on the amount and overall weight of those things you’re binning. If you’re renovating, overhauling the garden of getting rid of construction site weight you may find the following things need to be transported off your property:

Bricks/Concrete (dry)/Tiles






Blue Board

Cool Room Panels




Saw Dust (bagged)

All these items can be recycled by Bingo Bins and are turned into recycled by product.

Another reason you may be in need of a skip bin is during those times when you’re moving house or simply having a bigger-than-average spring clean. The kind of items you may want to throw out during these times include:




Water Heaters


Rubber tires, mattresses, synthetic grass, large tree stumps and logs of wood, carpet and underlay can all be removed by a Bingo Bins skip bin, but incur an extra charge because they involve being taken to the council tip.

Certain items are prohibited including, Fibro, insulation material, all food stuffs, liquids, gas cylinders, batteries (note: batteries must be removed from all electronics before binning), oil heaters and fiberglass roof sheeting.

If you wish to remove asbestos from your property you may do so. There are speciality bins for the safe and lawful removal of this extremely hazardous material.


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